Villa Kaskadna sits on a property of 665.65 m2 and has three levels designed to subsist separately and yet jointly create a perfect symphony. Each level has 74.02 m2 indoor space and 48.40 m2 outdoor terrace with a pool, created to be used separately. Equally with a top level, a carefully designed and landscaped driveway offers parking spaces for six vehicles.

This spacious villa on each level offers 17.20 m2 spectacular sea view living room, 15.6 m2 kitchen with sea faced dining room, two 12 m2 sea view bedrooms, one 6.16 m2 bathroom and one smaller toilet. On a sea faced part of each level of the villa spreads living area directly linked with a dining room, both with a splendid sea view and large glass picture windows, which allow walking directly onto the deck to enjoy the hot tub and outdoor sofas. These three 48.60 m2 sized terraces with a small outdoor kitchen on each level offer a unique combination of breathtaking views at isolated and particular Adriatic environment, elegance and contemporary luxury. A perfectly adjusted swimming pool guarantees fulfillment of your demands whether seeking for refreshment or simply indulgent.

Technical description 

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Superb features to provide you a delightful stay

Aluminum window
Floor Heating / Baths (electric)
Crystallized glass railing
Automatic garage door
Smoke Detector
Internet / tablet
Satellite TV

Floor plan

Have a look at the floor plans on which basis this extraordinary villa will be built.