‘‘Četri vitra’’

In 2012 we have been honored by the decision of four lovely families to occupy a part of this paradise. ‘‘Četri vitra’’ A/N Four Winds complex is the first complex built in Sevid Sea Residence and therefore among the most precious and sentimental ones.


The complex composes of four remarkably attractive villas combined in harmonious whole. Named after well known Dalmatian winds Villa Leut, Villa Bonaca, Villa Neverin and Villa Maestral could not pass unnoticed.

The way that these four winds play a notable role in creating the climate of the area, these four villas do in Sevid Sea Residence. The buyers have recognized a unique opportunity to own one significant part of the puzzle. These four luxury duplexes sit on a wide property taking one of the most beautiful locations on the Adriatic. As well as the other residences, astonishing swimming pool takes the central spot of this tranquil oasis.

Imagine floating on a swimming mattress in your very own pool while only a 100 m away then sea waves create a magic sound symphony. Well, these family members do not have to picture it, all they have to do is go downstairs and live it without any limitations.



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