The structural system – Vertical building structure are 25 cm thick brick walls with horizontal and vertical armored ferroconcrete ring beams and ground based walls are carried out as ferroconcrete. The inter floor construction and ceiling panels (straight and slantwise) are monolithic ferroconcrete slab.
Insulations – Hydro-insulation towards the ground and on the roof surface is DRACOMERX or SIKA. For buildings thermal insulation is used expanded polystyrene (if necessary polystyrene), on the 10 cm thick walls, and 15 cm thick on flat and pitched roofs.
Facade – The facade is plastered with fine silicate or acrylic plaster, with parts cowered with fine ceramic tiles or stone.
External openings – The aluminum hardware made of profiles with thermal barrier and insulated windows have been used for external openings. As sun protection aluminum shutters (possible sliding performance) or Eslinger blinds are used.
Interior doors– For the performance of interior doors are placed dry installation and soft doors. Inside walls and ceilings are finished with gypsum-lime mortar and finalized with dispersive paint.
Ceramics – For coating the interior floors and walls, and outdoor terrace are used IMOLA manufacturer ceramics, program CONCRETE PROJECT or ICON tiles measuring 30×30 cm to 60×120 cm, thickness of 10.5 mm.