For years the beaches in Central Dalmatia are occupying leading positions on top places to visit. There is almost no commonly known researcher who hasn’t recommended experiencing at least one of them. The natural beauty and picturesqueness of the Croatian coastline is accentuated by the mild Mediterranean climate, with between 2,400 and 2,800 hours of sunshine per year, which makes it one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe.

Beaches in Sevid – 0,15km

Beaches in Sevid are diverse and spread along the coast, mostly covered by gravel, sand, concrete and stone. The sea depth along the beach is mostly shallow, so it is suitable for children, the elderly and people with special needs. In the center of Sevid beach is strewn with tiny white stones which emphasizes her purity and beauty. Nature and the environment are intact so one can enjoy the greenery of pine and tamarisk which in some places extends to the edge of the shore. Experiences of divers tell about the diversity and richness of plant and animal species in the deep sea and the bays around the Sevid, especially on uninhabited islands that surround the place.  

The most known – The ‘Old Trogir’ bay

It is the most known and yet best hidden sandy beach in Sevid. Visitors mostly approach from the sea. If one decides to come on the land side, the passing through beautiful scenery of intact nature and affording breathtaking view of the archipelago of that part of Adriatic would be given.

Additional beaches in nearby area

  1. Šepurine beach – 12,2km, Rogoznica
  2. Medena beach – 16,6km, Seget Donji
  3. Velika Raduča – 18,9km, Primošten
  4. Pantan beach – 22,5km, Trogir
  5. Okrug beach – 23,6km, Okrug



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